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busting down stereotypes

Posted by fatgirlonarun on January 29, 2010

So last night I had a drink with three women. One is a close friend, another is a new friend and the third is someone I’d never met before. We had beer and pizza and caught up on each other’s lives, and somewhere in there my close friend asked me whether my boyfriend and I had any trips planned. I said no – well, other than going to Nashville for the marathon.

The woman I didn’t know grinned, interested, and said: “Oh, is your boyfriend a runner?”

I almost said no. I don’t think of Matt as a runner. We’re just doing this thing, but we’re not actually runners, you know? And then, in the split second before I said anything, I remembered that I’m a runner too, and I realized that she had looked at me and assumed that I wasn’t. So I said “Yeah, actually, we both are. I’m doing a half marathon and he’s doing the full and it’s the first time for both of us.”

It was so awesome. She was totally great about it, asked me how I was enjoying the training, got excited when I told her I was running with Team in Training, wanted my info so she could make a donation. But I loved nailing her a little bit, catching her assuming, because I’m fat, that I’m not a runner. And hell, if I’m doing 13.1 miles I am absolutely, fully, completely in the fold. I’m a runner!

I’m just going to include the link to donate at the bottom of every post from now on. I know I don’t have many readers yet, and I know it’s a lot to expect of folks I don’t know at all… but it’s for a great cause, donations are completely safe and 100% tax deductible. Just click here and you’ll be taken to my fundraising page for the Leaukemia and Lymphona Society. Thank you!


One Response to “busting down stereotypes”

  1. Giulia said


    I just started running this January and have my goal as to run a full marathon! I had originally wanted to do it within a year but since then,trainers and runners alike have cautioned to me that it is quite hard to do without injury. I did my first 5km in March and am doing the next in May. I love that I ” like” running now, since I had avoided/hated it for so long. As a fellow chunky gal, I’ve had reactions from people whom I tell my goal that don’t believe me or have faith in me–this has been pushing me further! I’ve started a blog as well: wwww.fatgirscanruntoo.com and have enjoyed blogging my small successes and my failures. There are so many of us out there, taking on this challenge and I’m so happy to have found similar people! Good luck :)


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